Anwar Al Shallal is a well-known psychotherapist in Kuwait. She is also a family, marital, educational counsellor, emotional relationship and personal development counsellor. She established Sana El Nour Center for Consulting and Training and worked as a general director and a therapist in her treatment center from 2017-2020. Also, she is a psychologist as well, at the Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, department of Psychological research. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology – College of Social Science – Kuwait University, and also holds MA in Counselling Psychology and Special Education.Anwar Al Shallal is currently a Ph.D. researcher in Psychotherapy and holds certified certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and personal guidance from Aaron Beck Institute, Philadelphia, USA. And also from the Egyptian Society of Psychotherapists, under the supervision and training of Prof.Dr. Mohamed Nagib Al-Sabwa. She also trained and worked as a psychotherapist with Professor Dr. Tariq Al-Habib for more than a year and a half in Mutma’ina Centre – Kuwait. Moreover, she has a license to counsel through the theory of choice and reality therapy of William Glaser (USA) and she was a psychotherapist and a psychological counsellor at Motma’ina Centre and has served as an assistant professor in diagnosing and in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, She has attended the first workshop of Schema Therapy training for Arabic Speaking Professionals from Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research (RITR) by Prof. Mona Rakhawy (Egypt) and Schema Therapy Institute (ISTOS) by Prof. Christoph Fuhrhans, East Switzerland, (Switzerland). About her work experience, Anwar started working after having her bachelor’s degree, She also worked as a teacher at the General Directorates for Special Education and taught thousands of outstanding students from 2002 to 2006. Then she worked as a teacher for special needs till 2015.
She has an experience in organizing training courses at schools and online in governmental and private agencies, and also participated In organizing several special training courses at the Islamic Cultural Centre in France and the Training Forum in Morocco, and many centres in Kuwait such as Kuwait University, Women’s Cultural Associations, and she is a member of the Kuwaiti Business and Professional Women Network , where she participated in selecting and proposing distinctive and important topics in her specialized courses, such as explaining psychological disorders, understanding personality, guiding those who are about to get married, developing personal skills, leadership and organization, and many other important topics in psychology. She aims to work in a creative environment with people from different cultures and provide excellent services whenever required.

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Our Happy Patients

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Hania Ali

ANWAR ALSHALLAL is a very good Psychiatric Consultant she is having a good ability to handle patient in his /her bad Condition.

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During Our First Visit itself she was able to diagnose the issue and in next 2-3 visits the issue was completely solved.

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Al Hamad

Strong Value and solid work ethic has made her one of the best psychiatrist in Kuwait .

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