Cognitive Behavioral

Cognitive therapy is a moderately new method of short-term psychotherapy. It is developed for treatment of depression and anxiety and is now widely applied to a broad range of mental disorders. It depends on the reason that our Feelings, Emotions and  sentiments are affected by our thoughts. To  enhance  the patient’s potential and   skills in the  normal world. By rectifying the misshaped  perspectives,  the intellectual advisor  rebuilds patient’s  perspectives on  themselves,  the world,  and future.  It  helps  to  bring   down the  feelings  of soreness,  guilt  and  impatience by replacing  them by more realistic thoughts. Cognitive therapy is a psychotherapy approach based on the idea  that behavior is  secondary to thinking. It  depends on the way in which a  person perceives an even and not the event itself.  Because  the  perception  defines the  purpose of the event and the  response  towards it. It is time limited,  attempting  to  cause  change rapidly and often within an established frame. Therapeutic change can be affected through a modification of idiopathic, broken methods of thinking, leading to intellectual change. These therapies make the patient believe that they are the planners of their own disappointment and only they themselves have command over their own beliefs and actions. They also help the patient learn about the cycle of treatment and develop therapeutic skills applicable to different problems.

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